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Letter: Pay for Hogback bus

The  bridge closure has brought to light something I plainly did not understand, and that is the volume of vehicles that pass through Glenwood Springs every day. Hopefully CDOT will give us an actual number, which they surely have with all traffic channeled to Midland, to help me and everyone stuck in traffic understand. I bet it is an eye opener.

The Hogback ridership of 18,000 people is nothing to ignore. I think $235,000 through the winter seems a small price to pay to see if the Hogback bus can continue to reduce congestion and pollution. A change in habits that has been created would be a terrible thing to waste.

Tom Jankovsky is not being reasonable in claiming this amount will bust the county budget, which has a $132,944,000 surplus, $42 million of which is discretionary. The $235,000 is indeed in addition to $700,000 already going to RFTA, but don’t forget this means the $700,000 is already in the budget.

The transportation needs of those downvalley should be a priority. Ridership of 1,000 people a day gets many cars off the road. This is a chance to do something positive for climate change, the lower valley and Glenwood congestion all at the same time. Tom’s position seems excessively frugal and foolishly ideological.

Barb Coddington

Glenwood Springs

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