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Letter: People must get involved

 “The Nazi Party’s path to power was not an inevitable triumphant march. Defensive measures of the state of civilian resistance never came together to form an effective counterforce. The Weimar Republic failed because people didn’t oppose extremism vigorously enough.” This is a quote from the museum in Germany detailing the Nazi regime. 

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good people to do nothing!” by Edmund Burke in 1968. I see this in my community, and it is so very disturbing to me that folks will just “go along” with the status quo because their lives are not affected by what is happening in the White House in Washington.

I am praying that since impeachment is now on the table, some folks on the other side of the aisle will start listening and pay attention to what is happening to our democracy in America. Republicans, please turn your TVs to something other than FOX News, which is the brainchild of Nixon and Ailes.

 The president of the U.S. is profiting from his office by ignoring the emoluments clause; the cost to taxpayers on the Turnbery Resort in Scotland alone, is $200,000.  

Republicans, get informed. There are so many laws being broken and crimes being committed in this White house, too numerous to list, but perhaps mentioning “your pocketbooks” might get your attention. 

The consequences of this presidency are going to be far reaching; Trump withdrawing from the Paris Accord, ignoring the devastation of global warming in the world; ignoring the mass murders occurring every day in America and refusing to sign the many good bills sitting on McConnell’s desk that the Democrats have put forth.

 Our grandchildren will be the folks suffering from his lies and crimes and our standing on the world stage. Please, people, get involved. Our survival as a Democratic nation is at stake.

Linda Carr


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