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Letter: People who condemn history don’t know history

Knowledge of sex and guns and parenting are taboo. Education is off limits. Mores are not inter-generational. Questions are rhetorical about what went wrong when the news is full of mass shootings, child abuse and child exploitation. We are living in a time of our own making, in ignorance and denial.

No wonder people question American values. As an example of ignorance and denial, Colin Kaepernick, the ex football star, is making uninformed but heartfelt expressions regarding the Colonial flag that Nike put on the heel of a shoe. He claims the flag is racist.

In an editorial cartoon by Gamble of July 4, the founders are gathered around a desk where the moderator says: “No… we cannot include free health care, free college tuition, free everything for everybody… because that is not what this country was founded on!” In other words, people who condemn history don’t know history and love to judge it in relative terms.

Take Edward Everett Hale’s fictional account of Philip Nolan, who renounces his country during a trial for treason and is consequently sentenced to spend the rest of his days at sea without so much as a word of news about the United States — a man without a country.

So is Colin Kaepernick a patriot or a traitor? Neither, he’s just ignorant. Is he kneeling to God in lieu of saluting the flag? He’s making Nike a prostitute by their own choosing, to pull the shoes with the Colonial flag icon. Follow the money.

Has treason become so common, that people do not have to spend the rest of their days at sea without so much as a word about the United States? They can now stay at home in ignorance and denial. Shameful “un-education.”

Fred Stewart,
Grand Junction

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