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Letter: ‘Peoples Resolution’ is amnesty for illegal aliens

Dorothea Farris’ “Peoples Resolution” is nothing less than amnesty for all illegal aliens and opening our borders to all foreign invaders. She blames the president for the bad rep illegal aliens have. I say they’ve earned it.

The nonpartisan Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) calculates each illegal alien on average costs taxpayers $70,000 in their lifetime. CIS says 62 percent of illegal aliens get some kind of welfare.

The Atlanta Georgia News says the 3.7 million children of illegal aliens cost us $44.5 billion every year to educate. Over 58,000 known or suspected illegal aliens (one-third of federal prisoners) cost us tens of billions more annually. Our detention centers’ 30,000 beds cost $161 per day each.

When you add up all those taxpayer dollars, they total $113 billion each and every year, according to the Federation for Immigration Reform.

So, when some big-hearted, naive do-gooders tell us illegal aliens are good for the economy, I have to ask, “Whose economy, the Crown family’s?”

Bruno Kirchenwitz


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