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Letter: Permanently preserve the Thompson Divide area

Our Garfield County commissioners have once again demonstrated their unwavering allegiance to the oil and gas industry — and not to the people of the county — by drafting a letter that opposes permanent withdrawal of leasing in the Thompson Divide area (Post Independent, Feb. 12).

Following an extensive long period of public debate and testimony over the divide, it has been clear that the people of the county want to protect this special area from energy development, and keep it unspoiled for outdoor recreation and ranching. At a time when our planet is reeling from the impacts of climate change, due largely to our continued use of fossil fuels, it is truly amazing that our commissioners are not using their voices to actively promote renewable energy development and jobs. For the health and safety of our people and planet, we must drastically reduce our use of oil, gas and coal, and permanently preserve the Thompson Divide area.

Bob Millette,

New Castle

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