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Letter: Perpetual road damage

So is the lament written on the sign on Midland Avenue.

This road has been a mess since I’ve lived up Three Mile Road, and that has been 40 years. It has to qualify as one of the worst maintained roads in Garfield County. Hundreds of bone jarring patches thrown in by the “city boys“ road crew. Enough to do a number on your vehicle’s suspension, and send you to the chiropractor.

Drainage is a problem. Huge puddles during mud season, and two inches of standing water in the ruts caused by traffic, during a good rain. But wait, now we have foot deep potholes to navigate on our way home.

It’s time to fix this road to the specifications of a well-designed thoroughfare.

Spend the funds on a road traveled by thousands of vehicles a day. Forget building a bridge over to Devereux Road for direct access to a popular hot springs resort. This road is the main artery to Sunlight, Glenwood Park, Park East and the increasing sprawl of the Cardiff area. It deserves to be done right!

Let’s make this road a pleasure to drive on. New water line, and all.

Jimmy Polowchena

Glenwood Springs


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