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Letter: Phil Weiser for AG

In Colorado’s race for attorney general, Phil Weiser is the most experienced candidate in terms of being able to stand up to the attacks on our constitutional rights coming out of Washington these days. Phil’s top leadership positions in the US Justice Department during the Obama administration and as dean of the CU Law School are the kinds of experiences our next attorney general needs to stand up to the Trump administration.

I first learned about Phil from some of his past students at CU Law School where Phil was a professor and then dean. They spoke passionately about how bright, thoughtful and committed they found Phil to be. After meeting Phil and his family at the March for Our Lives in Denver, and learning more about his previous experiences and positions, I’ve become convinced that Phil would help Colorado become a model for fighting against the overreach of presidential power — from immigration rights and DACA to the weakening of environmental regulations.

I urge you to support Phil Weiser for our next attorney general.

Debbie Bruell


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