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Letter: Physics of housing developments

Although the developer’$ plan$ for the hou$ing development at Catherine Store $ound all the right note$ — compact and efficient homes with smaller foot prints, proximity to bus routes which would reduce traffic on Highway 82, etc — the reality is this: even if you could convince most or all of the residents of 124-400 homes to ride RFTA, the park and ride lot at Catherine Store is almost always at capacity already. It has also been reported that Highway 82 — the only real way at this time for vehicular traffic to navigate up and down the Roaring Fork valley — is already at capacity much of the time. This does make me wonder if the members of the various planning commissions in Pitkin, Eagle and Garfield counties have found a way to repeal the laws of physics and have discovered how to put an infinite number of residents and vehicles into the finite amount of space and natural resources available here. Perhaps the Aspen Center for Physics should be in touch.

Sylvia Wendrow


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