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Letter: PI likes and dislikes

I appreciate the Post Independent’s coverage of the bridge news (except for the “You’re not special” editorial), I love Chelsea Self’s photo essays, and Walter Gallacher’s Immigrant Stories are treasures. I realize we are fortunate to have a free daily paper in a small town.

A few things I dislike — having to go through the computer to get an upcoming meeting in the paper. I followed all the steps, got an approval e-mail and the announcement of the meeting never appeared. When I e-mailed the approval address and asked why, I got no response. I so wish I could call the Post and talk to a person to set these up.

I enjoyed the article on Rosebud Cemetery, and it was interesting to learn that a burial plot costs $250. Recently, I submitted an obituary for an elderly friend who passed, to run one day, with no photo, it cost $302. Why does a one-day obituary cost more than a plot for all eternity?

Still, I’m grateful to have a newspaper, and I thank the staff for their quality reporting.

Deborah Williams

Glenwood Springs

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