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Letter: Piceance positivity

A big thank you to John Harpole for keeping his finger on the pulse of the energy industry in our region. Harpole, the president of Mercator Energy was the guest speaker at the Grand Junction Area Chamber of Commerce Energy Briefing last month.

Harpole has nearly three decades of experience in the industry and monitors daily the consumption of oil and gas resources around the globe. As an expert on market conditions, it was reassuring to hear his positive outlook for the Piceance Basin region. After several slow and relatively painful years for the industry, it’s refreshing to hear we could soon be seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

Harpole has confidence in the Piceance when it comes to dry gas reserves and the prospect of long-term natural gas buyers for our region. And we could be at the cusp of resuming operations in the Piceance. Harpole believes the price per unit for gas could hit $3.50 within the year, which would make drilling Mancos Shale in the Piceance profitable again. His positive outlook didn’t end there. Harpole is confident that the Jordan Cove project will be green lighted thanks to the Trump administration, and we could be shipping liquefied natural gas (LNG) to Coos Bay, Oregon, by 2024.

This is all very positive news to our economic resurgence across the Western Slope. Here’s to hoping that Harpole’s outlook becomes a reality in the very near future.

Keira Bresnahan
Piceance Energy Action Council Chairman

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