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Letter: Pinocchio in a car wreck

At 1 p.m. Jan. 3 at the intersection of Eighth and Grand Avenue, I was in a minor traffic accident. I was at a red light in the right-hand lane and my vehicle was not moving. I had three cars in front of me and several behind me. A green Range Rover passed me in the left turn lane and sideswiped me, hitting my driver’s side mirror and shattering it.

The person in the Range Rover now has a red light and I a green light. I am now next to this vehicle, their window is down and the person is telling me they are sorry and acknowledges that they are in fact at fault. We both then go around the block and exchange information. The only damage is to my husband’s beloved plumbing truck; nothing on their vehicle. We decide we don’t need to make a police report because I trust this person, and it’s only a mirror, right? Wrong.

This person (who I will now call Pinocchio) said they work at an insurance company. After several calls to that insurance company, I come to find out that my claim has been denied, and that the other person told a different version of what happened, stating that I was the one at fault for the accident.

I suppose Pinocchio and I were raised differently, because I was taught to always tell the truth. The fact that this person felt the need to lie in the case of such a minor accident makes me believe they have done this before. If only all those traffic cameras you see on Grand Avenue actually worked, we would have been able to rewind the film footage because the video does not lie. I was told by the police, however, that all of the cameras located on Grand are “dummies.” Thank goodness nothing more serious happened.

So the lesson of this story is whenever you are in a fender bender, don’t move traffic accidents along. Stay in place until police arrive, make a report and talk to all the witnesses around you. Because otherwise you will also encounter Pinocchio. And while it was just a mirror that was damaged, I had to pay $200 out of my pocket that I really did not have to fix it.

Pinocchio, you told me you were sorry and I believed you. Sooner or later karma will catch up with you.

Suzy Maison
Glenwood Springs

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