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Letter: Pipe dreams before practicality

OK, the Grand Avenue bridge would never have been replaced had the rail corridor been used to filter and divert commercial traffic off of Grand Avenue, (all the work would have been done without interrupting traffic). The Grand Avenue bridge would never have been replaced because it would have lasted as long as bridges in London and Paris, Rome and Berlin.

The only way to get a new bridge was to badmouth the bridge. Find an engineer who could prove the Grand Avenue bridge was unsound and/or unmitigable. (Mitch Mulhall’s reminiscences in his last column are priceless, and relate what the bridge meant to the town.)

If one had their druthers, a new bridge would have less of an arch, and make the Hotel Colorado more of a focal point on the north end of Grand Avenue (to unify the town visually, socially, economically, psychologically, etc.). The closest thing to it is the beautiful pedestrian bridge.

So, it is what it is, buck up, this is the cost of putting pipe dreams before practicality. Let’s see about the quality of life and the economic reshuffling of Grand Avenue after the new bridge is complete. May Grand Avenue become known as “Millionaires’ Row.”

Fred Stewart

Grand Junction

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