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Letter: Plan for construction delays

In a small town like Glenwood Springs, it is easy for a little construction to impact us greatly. The new bridge is creating chaos and taking away business for many of the small, local businesses near the bridge, but do we, the locals, really have reason to complain? How much does the construction really impact us personally?

Even when construction slows things down, we are very privileged in Glenwood to have a 30 minute drive to go 10 blocks. We may have to leave our house 10 or 20 minutes earlier than usual or take a detour we weren’t expecting, but the bridge will ultimately bring faster travels, more business to town and better commutes.

Take some time and enjoy your beautiful surroundings while backed up in traffic. Businesses and consumers alike will have to understand some delays as employees finally make it to work. Schools will most likely be impacted, too, so expect a few tardies, but know it will be all worth it for our small community in the long run. Plan ahead as much as possible and stay positive.

Shelby Stephens

Glenwood Springs

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