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Letter: Plea for housing help

I am writing to shed light on the grueling process to find housing for Colorado/Roaring Fork Valley residents (not seasonal visitors) in the RFV. I moved to the RFV in 2010 from the icy East Coast to enjoy the Colorado ski lifestyle.

I am not your normal young ski bum Colorado transplant. I am a young professional with a college degree in my early 30s. I started my own business last year but still work full time in Aspen. I don’t disappear in April and I am not a teacher, so I don’t qualify for the newest affordable units in Basalt. But thank you for helping the teachers because they above all needed it.

When I first moved to the valley in 2010, housing was affordable. Fast forward six years and now I can’t afford to live in the valley with or without a roommate for less than 50 percent or more of my net pay per month. And of course people like me are always trying make more money and get a better job/career to afford to live here and ski here.

It seems like most businesses and landlords accommodate foreigners (J-1 visa students, etc.) and forget about the local young people who pay every tax and fee to live here year-round. I register my car here, I have a Colorado license and love this valley very much. The county makes it very easy for foreign people to come here during ski season to work and live, but as a Colorado resident I have to go through this awful struggle.

Businesses, property owners and local governments should think of residents first. Do the foreign people who come here to work for the season become residents of Colorado during their stay? I don’t think so, but it’s very easy for them to live here. If anyone knows of housing or ideas for a responsible, full-time resident of this valley, please contact me. I don’t want to leave the valley, but things have got to change. The valley needs to appreciate young professionals or you will end up with really rich second homeowners and ghosts from foreign countries who disappear by April 1.

Please contact me at snj42@yahoo.com with ideas or if you have a unit.

Shenna Johnston
Glenwood Springs

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