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Letter: Police good deed

Community policing is alive and well in Rifle. On Sept, 9, I stopped when I saw a young girl who was crying as she attempted to ride her scooter with bare feet. She told me she was trying to get home, and she had about 2 miles to go from her current location in Rifle. She was crying because her feet were already hurting and bloodied.

Neither she nor I felt comfortable with me giving her a ride home since we were strangers to each other. I called Garfield dispatch to see if the Rifle police could help. No problem, I was told.

Within minutes a Rifle police officer was there. He was compassionate and friendly with this 11-year-old, upset girl. He loaded up her Razor and gave her a ride home. I have always been impressed with the professionalism of the Rifle Police Department and am not surprised that they are compassionate and helpful as well.

Ken McCracken


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