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Letter: Polis represents all the positive, important changes Western Colorado needs

I write because I am very concerned about what is happening in Washington and about the general state of politics in our country. I am working as a volunteer for the Jared Polis campaign for governor because I need to do something. I can’t sit back and let our democracy unravel. I feel it is important to have representatives in key positions (governor, Senate and House of Representatives) who will represent the people of this state and country, not just big money and big business. We need representatives who will stand up to the bullies in Washington.

I support Jared, because I believe in my heart that he will support me. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing him speak on many occasions. He is a genuine and sincere person who cares about the things that I care about. I appreciate that he isn’t taking money from special interest groups. His campaign is supported by average citizens like me and you. That means he will not owe special favors to the very rich.

An issue I care deeply about is health care. I have coverage, but I also have a pre-existing condition. If pre-existing conditions are not covered, this could lead to my family’s financial ruin. My greatest fear is that the government will support big insurance instead of average citizens. I’m voting for Jared Polis because he is the only candidate who will support average citizens.

I could go on and on about why I am supporting and voting for Jared. Polis represents all the positive, important changes that we desperately need in Western Colorado. He’s a proven leader on water, health care, the economy, education, broadband and the environment. He’s represented western Colorado communities in Congress, and I believe, as governor, he’ll do the same and more.

Mary A. Stephens


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