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Letter: Political correctness

Political correctness is such a big deal today.

I put together a story to sort of illustrate the problem.

Suppose a man wakes up in the night and finds an undocumented resident in his house who is trying to acquire that person’s entitlements. The homeowner acquires his PLD (projectile launching device) and neutralizes the situation.

Now he is in jail because he failed to interview the undocumented resident to determine his intent and adjust his response to be in relation to the appropriate need.

The UD had also brought his little children along to educate them in the way to acquire their needs. The homeowner is also charged with child abuse for interrupting their educational process. Because of their age, the children are now considered legitimate tenants and are receiving government support.

The former homeowners’ wife was fired from her job for using offensive language to describe her situation. She is now living in a government-provided facility.

The children’s mother showed up and was given custody and is receiving child support and free schooling for the kids.

See how it all works?

You just need to pay more taxes to make this all happen.

Ross L. Talbott

New Castle

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