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Letter: Politics are funny

As we watch the antics of New York “actors” take over our nation, Colorado Republican candidates talk about Californication.

Though you may denigrate California, California has been a leader in water conservation for decades. California is also the seventh largest economy in the world.

Colorado’s first and foremost threat to prosperity, indeed survival, is water. Not China, taxes or illegal aliens, but a lack of water. I have lived on some of the headwaters of the mighty Colorado the Rio Grande and the often-overlooked Arkansas rivers. I own a tiny fraction of surface water rights. I grew up in agriculture and was a blue coat wearing, member of Future Farmers of America, I know a little know of what I speak.

Many people don’t realize that water is as much of a commodity as oil.

Until recently, a Colorado home owner did not even own a drop of rain that fell on their own roof. That drop belonged to someone else.

Native fish are dying in our rivers as “pretty” show horses graze away in well irrigated “pretty” green fields.

In point of fact, the American tax payer has spent billions of dollars building dams and infrastructure to conserve and provide water to private users. The original intent to provide farmers and ranchers and then cities has been diluted. Now golf courses and billionaires that want green fields write a check to buy water which usually means keeping agricultural land fallow; meanwhile our local rancher struggling to feed his cattle, trucks in hay from Montana.

So as you walk through the woods and it rains, as you put your tongue out, hoping to catch a drop, just a drop, and as the drop lands, the first rain that you have tasted in many a day, know this you larcenous fellow, that you, yes you are guilty of a crime, that of consuming a raindrop that doesn’t belong to you.

Marco Diaz


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