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Letter: Politics of the impossible

Marching with Garfield County commissioner candidate Paula Stepp’s group at the county fair, without a doubt my favorite sign read, “The party of no has got to go.” In case you’re not sure, the party of no is not the party that chanted, “Yes we can” 10 years ago.

I call it the politics of the impossible. We can’t do anything for our constituents because we can’t afford it.

We’re the richest nation in world and can afford massive tax breaks for the 1 percent, a $1.3 trillion deficit, and a wartime $600 billion defense budget, but when it comes to benefiting the people, entitlements is a dirty word.

As Henry Potter said in “It’s a Wonderful Life,” “All handouts give you is a bunch of lazy layabouts instead of a thrifty working class.”

If the 1 percent just paid their fair share, we could wipe out poverty and provide comprehensive health care and free education through four years of college.

What’s a fair share? Everything but the bare essentials. The 1 percent doesn’t deserve, hasn’t earned or, most importantly, doesn’t need any more.

Fred Malo Jr.


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