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Letter: Poll on naming policy?

The Weekly Poll feature more than occasionally seems a bit beneath the presumed reader intellect level, assuming that your advertisers hope to connect with adults who might buy an eighth, a massage, a mattress, or shop/donate/volunteer at ReStore (a sampling of recent advertisements).

The July 16 question as to whether one had been affected by the Grand Avenue bridge construction was more relevant than many of the recent questions.

However, would you consider starting off slowly by asking, for example, whether readers think that Van Gogh ever accidentally dipped his brush in his coffee or tea while painting, then progressing to whether The Donald would make a good doorstop, and finally arrive at asking the readership whether they might prefer to read in your paper’s Crime Briefs feature the name of each individual who has allegedly overstepped societal boundaries so that at a minimum, community members are allowed to know more than the allegation that an unknown someone was jerked up short for having perhaps done such and such? As a bonus for the PI, readers might continue reading other articles as well as additional advertising.

Would the editor of the PI publish the readership’s response to a Weekly Poll concerning their opinion in the matter of publishing/not publishing names along with the brief descriptions of events in the Crime Briefs?

Might the outcome and possible change also be preferable to an individual having made the determination that the public may not read an important aspect of events customarily reported by the Post Independent? I am sure that you will correct me in writing if I am mistaken about how the existing decision to not publish names was taken.

Bob Axelson

Glenwood Springs

Editor’s note: We don’t submit editorial policies to reader referendums. The reasons for the arrest policy — which calls for publishing names of people arrested in the most serious crimes — was explained at the time: http://tinyurl.com/PIarrests. Those reasons remain valid. The Weekly Polls, whose outcomes are not statistically valid, are for entertainment.

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