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Letter: Post-election work to do

Election Day — yay! So many people are going to be so happy after it’s over. Unfortunately, this time, it only heralds a new beginning of greater responsibility. Voters have just chosen our new slate of actors to be on our collective stage representing us, but we are not just an audience anymore.

We don’t have the luxury, as some of our ancestors did, of lulling ourselves back to sleep until called upon to play at democracy again four years from now. We have all the world’s children and grandchildren to think about, and more species of animals than we can count. The stakes around global warming are now exceedingly urgent, beyond serious; we are now truly racing our own extinction.

Our elected officials (at least those that are not ostriches with their heads in the sand or in the deep pockets of oil, gas and coal) want to do the right things as fast as possible around that, and they will need our support. We the people want to do the right things, and we will need their support. We have entered a time frame requiring the actors on our stage, and ourselves, to act with unprecedented cooperation with each other. We need to make peace with each other. Our survival as a species requires it. I’m hoping to see Emily Tracy elected and on that stage, as she is a proven mediator.

When you do the math and acknowledge that we need to keep global temperatures under the 2 degrees Celsius target discussed in the Paris Climate talks, you’ll see we have approximately 10 years to achieve a seemingly impossible transition to non-fossil fuels, industrial hemp plastics, plant-based nutritional systems (sorry, steak lovers, the cattle industry is one of the largest causatives of global warming), while simultaneously creating millions of good paying jobs; a national health- care system similar to the one in Norway; free education for those willing to learn and keep up their grades, etc.

Mission impossible? Not in my vocabulary, and it shouldn’t be in yours — not when we are looking at our extinction almost directly in the eye. We just need to do it. Curtain time.

Michael Gibson
Glenwood Springs

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