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Letter: Pot is the catastrophe

Is there a chance the Post Independent’s state of euphoria on the wonders of marijuana may go up in a puff of smoke when the last legal recreational hand-rolled stub lands in the gutter? Ryan Summerlin’s article of Jan. 30 on a possible federal government crackdown on the recreational use of the drug is headlined: “Fed pot enforcement could be catastrophic.”

We are told Colorado will more than likely head into a recession, bringing hard times to many industries such as retail, commercial, construction, real estate, legal and technical services as well as increased unemployment. I thank PI for not using harsher introductory words such as “cataclysmic,” or “apocalyptic” in its headline. I would have preferred “devastating” or “dreadful.”

Recreational use sends the message to our youth that marijuana can be enjoyed with no consequences. How many of Colorado’s 1,303 stores, facilities and manufacturers express concern for our adolescents by educating them on the dangers they face with marijuana’s alteration of the function of young brain cells from age 8 to adulthood? The active ingredient in marijuana gradually changes the way a youth’s brain cells function, permanently affecting movement, coordination, learning, memory, judgment and pleasure.

How many millions of dollars will Colorado’s society including individual families, hospitals and treatment centers spend on the therapeutic and medical treatment on the addiction of their troubled teens?

Floyd Diemoz
Glenwood Springs

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