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Letter: Powerful new generation

The young people marching for gun control are going to do what we adults haven’t been able to do. They are going to change the laws and more importantly they are going to change the lawmakers, who continue to toe the NRA line.

Cory Gardner has an A rating from the NRA; Scott Tipton has an A rating from the NRA; Mike Coffman has an A rating from the NRA; Doug Lamborn has an A rating. The Republicans have taken $5.9 million from the NRA. The Democrats have taken $106,000.

These kids understand they must register and they must vote. I think they will do it. I am so proud. Every teacher and parent should be proud. I will gladly share the responsibility of participation.

In a similar vein, I must mention Roland McLean’s March 22 piece titled “A Clash of Cultures.” Among other tired, sweeping, racially centric opinions, he includes “Black Lives Matter” in a list of what he calls “fringe” groups, which also included White Supremacists. Old people like us, Roland, need to hand over the reins when we can’t see people fighting for their right not to be gunned down in the streets or their backyards, through a group like Black Lives Matter, as fundamentally different from White Supremacists.   

A powerful, inclusive, new generation does not make that mistake.

Barb Coddington

Glenwood Springs

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