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Letter: Praise federal workers

I was aghast at the opinion page cartoon on Saturday, Sept. 30, showing federal employees asleep at their desks while someone waits at a counter for service.

As a federal retiree, and as a concerned citizen, I am insulted that anyone considers federal service a job for lazy disengaged people. Everyone I knew and everyone I have ever dealt with in the federal service, across many agencies in both professional and personal dealings, has been dedicated, hard-working and truly feeling they work in the public interest.

In an environment of constantly downward spiraling of federal employment, every remaining employee feels the pains of understaffing and overworking. To even joke that federal employees have time or inclination to sleep on the job is an insult to hard working public servants. Instead, let’s thank them for keeping federal agencies open and operating.

Susan Rhea

Glenwood Springs


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