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Letter: Praise for E. Dene Moore

People may be aware of Measure 4A which proposes funding to save, replace and expand the E. Dene Moore Care Center, along with expanding Grand River Hospital, with which the care center is closely associated. For those who may be unfamiliar with the E. Dene Moore Care Center, I’d like to offer some insight.

From my very first visit there several years ago to share music with the residents, I immediately sensed a difference from other care centers that I’ve visited, including those where my parents lived during their final days. This one felt warm and cozy, like a home.

As my involvement continued and has increased over the years, I’ve come to truly appreciate the level of passion and commitment the staff offers providing a loving and caring environment. I’ve always had a passion for the elderly and believe that music, being a universal language, is necessary for well-being.

We’re very proud to announce that the E. Dene Moore Care Center was recently certified for the Music and Memory Care program, which will further enhance the quality of life for our care center residents.

We can all be proud of this outstanding facility and the level of quality care it provides. Approval of Measure 4A is essential for replacing the outdated structure and expanding capacity to meet current and future demand while also adding a memory care unit to those with special needs.

Sally Peterson



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