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Letter: President Trump and Congress’ amazing two-year achievements

The president and Congress have accomplished a great deal of factual successes within the past two years. Have you read or heard?

Last Thursday’s opinion piece by Hal Sundin got me thinking.

I appreciated the research and education that Hal provided regarding past presidents’ successes and failures.

But the last paragraph was totally discourteous and disrespectful. Unfortunately Hal’s disregard sounded very much like the media, possibly paid for by Mr. Soros?

I feel President Trump emotionally loves our country, intellectually certainly has the power to learn and think, morally is ethical, knowing right and wrong and fairness for all. What else can any one ask for?

What has happened to respect in our country? For our children? Grandchildren? And great-grandchildren?

Possibly some folks should be independent and listen to both sides, then think and make a constructive decision.

Hopefully, President Trump, the Senate, and the House for the next two years together, with cooperation and goodwill for America, will do their best.

What has this country done for you? What have you done for this country?

Ann C. Robinson, 85 years, a first generation (German) American and proud of it


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