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Letter: Presidents Day reflections

I spent two hours this morning at Eighth Street and Grand Avenue displaying two double-sided signs that were not nice to President Trump. These signs spoke the truth, as I and many others see it.

As I expected, I received countless thumbs up and honks of praise from passing vehicles. The people on the sidewalk with me would say “thanks” and “I feel the same” and “keep up the good work.”

Some on the sidewalk looked away, not acknowledging me at all. These people I call the walking dead.

There were, of course, a few voicing their displeasure through their open truck windows yelling “idiot” … some would show me their middle finger with some coward showing the finger from behind the glass. As for the two of you that yelled, “Get a job,” I have a job, and a brain.

I so much enjoyed voicing my opinion, and want to thank most of you for your support. I especially liked the kind gentleman who bowed and said, “I honor your wisdom.” Thank you so very much.

C. Sims

Glenwood Springs

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