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Letter: Prince Creek traffic

Besides the fact that the bullpen is a terrible place for the parking lot, which would be much better at a wide space above Prince Creek, there is another problem.

BLM and Forest Service land is supposed to be multiple use. Many of us who live on Prince Creek and pay Pitkin County taxes have for many years walked or ridden horses on these trails above the Prince Creek subdivision and up to the Crown. We are already endangered by bikers coming down these trails at unsafe speeds, even around blind bends.

The idea of encouraging even more biking up there is dangerous to other users, including children and pets hiking with their families.

As it is, there should be only one trail, preferably on the north side of the road, designated for high-speed descent and building of jump ramps. The jump ramps are another problem for hikers, difficult and too slippery for safety of those walking.

Mary Boland


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