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Letter: Problems with S. Blake approval

Late last night (Feb. 1), the City Council voted unanimously to approve the 79-unit South Blake apartment project next to Wal-Mart.

I wish to raise two concerns regarding the project and pending impact on the surrounding neighborhood.

First, I am not certain that our community was aware that Council would vote on, and subsequently approve, making Blake a one-way southbound road from 24th to 26th. Council also voted to approve removing the Blake gate near Wal-Mart, as well.

This has been a contentious issue for years. Was the community aware that Council would be voting on it last night?

Related to this point, is the fact that in previous Council meetings, concerns were raised by Council members that “Permanently opening, (the Blake gate) and essentially creating a back way to Wal-Mart and the other businesses in that area requires more thought,” and, “We can’t just unlock the gate and see what happens.”

This is, in fact, precisely what Council did last night. It is also important to point out that the previous comments were made almost a year ago, before considering the additional impact of the new 79 residences of the apartment project.

The second point is that the developer of the new apartment project requested and was granted, a permit excluding their financial responsibility to improve 26th, next to their project. This in spite of the fact that the P&Z Commission advocated that the developer make the necessary improvements to 26th due to the increased traffic and use of the roadway.

Glenwood Springs cannot adequately maintain this road as it stands today, and we were informed last night that there is no room in the budget in the current year to make any improvements to the roadway. Why should the city and its citizens pay for an improved road, 26th, for the benefit of the new project? These improvements would not be made in the foreseeable future otherwise.

If you care about the issues raised above and the many others not specifically mentioned, I urge you to contact your City Council members. The residents of the Oakhurst community will certainly continue to do so.

David Cox

Glenwood Springs

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