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Letter: Proposition 112 will drive out oil and gas industry

First off, I was born and raised in this area, and am proud to call it home now as I raise my own family. And I will tell you that I am not opposed to setbacks for oil and gas. However, Proposition 112 is not about reasonable setbacks or the health and safety of people in our community. Instead, it is a thinly veiled attempt to drive out the oil and gas industry completely. This is a problem because:

a) we need energy to heat our homes and enjoy our modern lifestyle, and that energy has to come from somewhere

b) jobs across the board would suffer

c) entities funded through property and sales tax would be devastated

What do I mean by devastated? Is that just a scare tactic? No.

When the county commissioners officially proclaimed opposition to 112, they included information on how the oil and gas industry in Garfield County interacts with our economy. We can all agree that fire protection is kind of a big deal here. Well, 87 percent of the Grand Valley Fire Protection District’s property tax funding is directly from oil and gas. It’s the same percentage for School District 16. And you know how Garfield re-2 is on the ballot this year to increase teacher pay? I think that is an important step for our schools and teachers. However, 56 percent of that school district’s property tax money also comes from oil and gas. Other entities affected would be Grand River Hospital District, Garfield County lIbraries, Colorado River Fire Protection, our cities, and our county government.

Let’s absolutely have a discussion about setbacks. But let’s not devastate our area by voting for a proposition that would kill an important industry in our state. Vote “No” on 112.

Emily Hisel


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