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Letter: Proposition 112 will protect health, safety

Don’t be fooled by the massive ad campaign trying to convince voters that if Proposition 112 is passed, it will cost the state thousands of jobs and loss of tax revenue. As oil/gas wells deplete, jobs and tax revenue will diminish regardless of Proposition 112. This is a health and safety issue. It is also a moral issue. Ask yourself: is it acceptable to poison our children, our families and even the gas/oil workers at these drilling sites? Proposition 112 is a case of our risk vs. their profits.

Fracking puts our families and communities health and safety at risk. Studies show that living within 2,500 feet of fracking wells increases serious human health risks including: cancer, infant mortality, low birth weight, birth defects, asthma and respiratory problems. Consequently, Coloradans living in close proximity of active/capped fracking wells are suffering. Residential community safety is also compromised by fracking – repeated explosions, toxic spills and ground water contamination have resulted in death, injury and illness.

It is also important to note that the COGCC (the governing body for oil/gas) has never denied a drilling permit, clearly demonstrating that public health and safety are not their concern. The oil/gas industry is spending millions to confuse voters, but with Proposition 112 on the November ballot, you have the power to make an educated choice.

Please, vote “Yes” on Prop 112!

Jennifer Moore

Garfield County

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