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Letter: Protect all Coloradans’ rights

Twenty percent of Coloradans identified as Hispanic or Latino in the 2015 census, and 26 percent of the population of Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District is Latino.

Therefore, it comes as a surprise that neither Rep. Scott Tipton nor Sen. Cory Gardner even have a statement on immigration on the “issues” section of their websites. Neither has spoken out against President Trump’s recent order that gives ICE free reign to hunt down and deport undocumented people — even those who have not committed serious crimes.

On his own website, Rep. Tipton states that one of his top priorities is to “keep Colorado’s families safe and secure,” and Sen. Gardner states that he is “focused on making life better for all Coloradans.” So far, ICE has arrested a victim of domestic abuse who was reported by her abuser, a brain tumor patient at a hospital and 22-year-old Dreamer who came to the U.S. as a child and has no criminal history.

Obviously not all Latino or Hispanic people are immigrants, but Tipton and Gardner are clearly picking and choosing which Coloradans to keep “safe and secure.” I am calling on the representative and the senator, along with our local county commissioners and law enforcement, to protect the rights of all Coloradans by taking a stand against these damaging policies and practices.

Shaina Maytum
Glenwood Springs

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