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Letter: Protect Crystal wildlife

Time is running out to comment on the proposed bike trail between Carbondale and the top of McClure Pass (due Oct. 30). Alternative A (which stays on the Highway 133 side of river) avoids impact with wildlife, while some Alternative B choices would be disastrous to wildlife.

If you care about the elk and the bighorn sheep in the Crystal Valley, the segments to avoid disturbing are Red Wind Point, Janeway, Avalanche, Narrows and especially Filoha Meadows (which is across from Penny Hot Springs).

Choose Alternative A on those sections at the least. Website address: pitkinostprojects.com.

CPW and Wilderness Workshop biologists strongly reject any bike trails between Red Wind Point and Filoha Meadows due to critical wildlife habitat impacts, and urge building the trail along existing Highway 133 corridor.

You don’t need to be a resident to comment. There is abundant info on that Pitkin County website, so enjoy exploring, but please comment. Alt. B costs less money, so unless people speak up on behalf of wildlife, that may become the default choice. Once a trail is built, even if it proves disastrous to wildlife, it’s never moved. Let’s build the ultimate bike path that will teach the world how to do it right.

Diane Madigan


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