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Letter: Protect South Blake neighborhoods

South Palmer, Blake and Bennett Avenue residents have stood together for 10 years unified in opposing increased commuter traffic along our neighborhood streets from various proposed high-density developments on south Palmer, and from Highway 82.

After living through years of increasing rush-hour traffic and recent bridge construction, our neighborhood has already experienced what traffic impacts will be with a new rental-unit development. The impact becomes horrific with the proposed opening of Blake gate and making Blake Avenue south of 23rd Street one way.

Commuters have, and will, pour through our quiet neighborhood streets. Twenty-sixth Street, east 23rd, Palmer, Blake, Bennett and Crestwood streets have no curbs, gutters, sidewalks or adequate lighting. Our neighbors walk and recreate along our streets. Many of us have had close calls with nonresident commuters speeding through our neighborhoods, without regard to adults, children, pets and property.

It’s been said by city staff that “we owe every person a trip through Glenwood Springs.” This may be true, but we do not owe commuter traffic a trip through our neighborhoods. There isn’t a person reading this letter who wants more commuter traffic through their own neighborhood. Commuter and commercial traffic needs to remain on designated pass-through corridors, Highway 82 and Midland Avenue.

Glenwood Springs City Council’s mission statement lists Quality of Life for its citizens as a goal. City Council has a responsibility to safeguard our existing neighborhoods and the proposed new neighborhood from the unsafe, disturbing burden of commuter and commercial pass-through traffic.

Yes, change is inevitable in our growing city, but that is no reason to compromise the quality of life our established neighborhoods enjoy and for which we chose to make Glenwood Springs our home. I urge our City Council to hear our plea, to adopt solutions we have proposed to protect our neighborhoods, homes and safety before approving the proposed Glenwood Multi-Family development, opening the Blake gate or making south Blake one way.

Scott Kramer

Glenwood Springs

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