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Letter: Proud of Democrats

Can’t tell you how proud I am that Michael Bennet represents the state of Colorado. You and your fellow Democratic senators and representatives really showed that “scumball” and “racist” Donald Trump a thing or two. You also showed the American people your true character, and no fake news photo can be doctored as it was there in living color and on live TV.

As usual, the Democratic Party was well-represented by the faces of Sen. Charles Schumer and Rep. Nancy Pelosi, true heroes in my book.

Thought the Democratic lady legislators dressed in white was effective in showing solidarity; however, the outfits looked a bit weird on TV. Guess not everyone can wear white like Melania Trump, with the possible exception of the Klan.

Don’t know if you noticed, but in one of the wide shots I saw Vladimir Putin in the gallery, but I wouldn’t worry too much as he only stood up and clapped a few more times than you did.

Again, well done, keep up the good work for the American people and make sure we don’t make America great again or at all.

Terry Fattor
Glenwood Springs

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