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Letter: Public land decisions should be made in D.C.

The proposal to move the BLM National Headquarters to the West, Grand Junction of wherever, makes little sense. The office is in D.C. because that is the seat of the federal government and is where strategic decisions are and should be made with appropriate review by the Secretary of the Interior, Congress and the president.
Moving the agency west could easily result in local permit seekers going to the head office and ignoring the local employees who need to be in position to make local decisions after consulting with the public. Local offices are making successful efforts to prioritize local decision meetings with their public, and this should continue to be an emphasis.
The basic reason for locating the headquarters in a western city is it benefits that city’s economy.
Feeding local federal politicians has more emphasis than it deserves. These are pubic lands owned by all U.S. citizens and not just the local folks.
Bob Miller
Glenwood Springs

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