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Letter: Pure selfishness

State Sen. Scott’s purely political editorial opinion about how “not” to protect our environment was sad. The only part lacking was for him to refer to our governor as “Little Hick.”

His arguments for a continuation of being the most wasteful country on earth in order to save a couple of bucks on our utility bills is pure selfishness.

The non-renewable resources being aggressively extracted by this generation don’t belong to us. They belong, primarily, to future generations and it is our job to protect and preserve them. And if we continue down this same path, their utility bills will be double or triple what we pay.

I think most people in Colorado see clearly how the Trump Environmental Protection Agency is working to do just the opposite and are embarrassed by his self-centered decision for the U.S. to leave the Paris Climate Accord. That agreement is just a starting point, but it allows all countries (except the U.S. and Syria) to work together on a mutual commitment to a better tomorrow.

Isn’t it time we try to get politics out of an issue so gravely important for all of mankind?

Jerry Krebs

Glenwood Springs

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