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Letter: Put aside differences

We are going to be OK. I don’t mean to be blindly optimistic or naïve. It is going to take some hard work, but we’re up for it. Remember to take slow deep breaths.

Moving forward from this election, let us put aside our differences. It is our responsibility to love and protect our neighbors. We are culpable, now more than ever, for safeguarding the rights and liberties of our fellow Americans.

In this uncertain and shifting time, it is important to get involved with charitable organizations, promote togetherness and encourage civic outreach. Let us not slip into despondency or complacency, or fragment into petty tribalism. Instead, reach out with agape love and open arms to those who need us even if it is just for a hug.

Take care of yourselves and others.

H. Schuyler Halsey
Glenwood Springs

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