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Letter: Quarry fight will test us

The proposal by Rocky Mountain Resources to expand the limestone quarry above north Glenwood Springs will surely serve as a test of our community’s fortitude and the leadership of our elected officials. Remember the promise of prosperity through “jobs, jobs, jobs?”

Who will protect our jobs now? Who, through their actions, as well as words, will protect the recreation industry we have worked so had to create in our beautiful mountain town? Who will protect our property values that we have worked all our lives to build? Who will protect our health from diseases such as silicosis, the slow onset of delayed lung disease caused by the continual inhalation of dust? Who will protect our sleep from the sounds of blasting, the continual pounding of trucks as they haul ore 24/7, and the ever-present glow of lights behind the mountain?

Yes, this will be a test of our elected officials at all levels of government. Which ones will serve to protect our community from the damages caused by the extraction industry, and which ones will cave to the fleeting promise of power and party privilege?

Joe Mollica

Glenwood Springs

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