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Letter: Questionable setback conclusions

While I don’t doubt the sincerity of Michelle Williams in terms of her concerns about oil and gas development, I just wish she’d get her facts straight. She cites “a recent study from the Colorado School of Public Health” that asserts a whole host of scary health problems when one lives “within 500 feet of an oil and gas well.”

State law mandates that oil and gas wells are a minimum of 500 feet from homes. Never mind that the study she cites does not use sound scientific methods rendering its conclusions highly questionable at best, addressed by no less than Colorado’s top environmental regulator Dr. Larry Wolk. His statement on the study can be found here: https://www.colorado.gov/pacific/cdphe/news/media-statement-mckenzie-report-2018.

She then goes on to mention the 4.6 billion gallons of our state’s fresh water used annually by industry, but neglects to mention that amount accounts for 1/10th of 1 percent of the state’s overall water use. Ms. Williams concludes by sounding the alarm about quality of life impacts, and I’ll grant the increase in traffic and noise can be a nuisance.

But thanks to state regulations requiring increased coordination with local governments, adjacent landowners, and communities, have been minimized.

I reject Ms. Williams’ fearmongering and choose instead to embrace science, facts, and a healthy, prosperous economy. I hope you’ll join me in declining to sign the petitions for Initiative 97.

Dan Alvis


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