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Letter: Questions and comments

1. Would anybody of sound mind hire a corrupt 70-year-old lady who is a habitual liar and under FBI investigation as their CEO just because she’s a female?

2. How did two government employees (Bill and Hillary) who spent their entire lives in the public service end up with a net worth of $200 million?

3. How come our government claims it has limited funds for veteran programs, Social Security or jobless Americans but has an endless supply of dollars for Obama’s Syrian resettlement program?

4. Liar, liar, pantsuits on fire. Benghazi, top-secret emails, dodging sniper bullets in Bosnia, and on and on and on. It would be nice to have a woman president but let’s face the truth: Hillary is not a good role model nor would she make a good president. Enough is enough of the Clintons and their aristocratic class of socialists/progressives who want to rule us.

5. Senator Liz Warren, D-Mass., may be Hillary’s VP pick. She makes herself out as a person for/of the people. Liz lives in a $5.4 million mansion and claims she is part native American status so she got hired by Harvard to teach one course for $350,000 and now lectures her students that the American system is “rigged” to benefit the rich. This is the type of person who is going to keep us safe from the derelicts of the world?

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6. When Ivanka Trump was interviewed by the media they asked her how she felt about the way her dad allegedly treats women, but they would never ask Chelsea Clinton the same question. Why’s that?

7. Did you ever hear of Ed Mezvinsky? Former Democratic congressman from Iowa. Look him up. He and the Clintons were the best of friends. In 2001 he pleaded guilty to bank, mail and wire fraud. He embezzled $10 million with Ponzi schemes and e-mails scams. To this day he owes $9.4 million in restitution. He’s Chelsea Clinton’s father-in-law. Chelsea and Marc (her husband) just purchased a $10.5 million New York apartment. Chelsea earned $600,000/year working(?) for NBC and now works for the ethically questionable Clinton Foundation. Are you getting the picture?

Come on my fellow citizens, it’s time we all put an end to all the corruption. Hillary and her entourage needs to be put behind bars, not in the White House.

Stan Rachesky

Glenwood Springs

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