Letter: Questions for RFTA

Recently I went get on the BRT with a card that still had $13 on it, and it would not run. No problem, just go to Ruby Park in Aspen and get it replaced. It would cost $14 round trip to get there and take over 2 hours round trip. RFTA — does that make any sense?

Why is the headquarters still in Ruby Park? Most of your drivers live somewhere downvalley. I hear the union meetings are held in Aspen, too; is that true? Most of the workers and people who really need the bus service live downvalley. Sorry you can’t tell me that more people who live or visit Aspen need the bus more. How convenient for Aspen to have the headquarters and how inconvenient for everyone else?

Why don’t we have a free shuttle that runs around town every 15 minutes in Glenwood Springs going to the main station — that, by the way has almost no parking — and other major stops (the hospital, City Market, post office, etc.). They have a free shuttle in Carbondale and one that runs all the way from Snowmass to Aspen. Why don’t they pay $1? Why does their shuttle run so often? Does someone on a super expensive ski trip need a free shuttle more than people in Glenwood Springs? Do you have free shuttles around New Castle, Silt or Rifle?

Do you really want people to use the bus or not? It’s expensive if you really depend on mass transit to get around.

Why is it so expensive to ride the bus? I voted for the increase in funds, because I believe in having a great mass transit system, but maybe I shouldn’t have?

RFTA, do you really deserve support?

Pam Macmillan

Glenwood Springs

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