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Letter: Rachesky, history and welfare

Oh, Mr. Rachesky, I love how you provide so many wonderful examples in history where the Republicans have always been the crusaders of justice and the Democrats are evildoers ruining the country. They freed the slaves and established the right to vote. Too bad you didn’t finish your own lesson plan and realize the parties switched platforms overtime between the 1860s and 1930s. Today’s political parties have little in common with the parties that existed over 100 years ago.

We do agree on a couple things though. I agree that we have way too many people on food stamps and welfare, and I too hate to see my money go to people who are unworthy of support. However, people who are struggling to afford food and find jobs are worthy of support. Every penny given to them is instantly injected back into the economy. They support your job and mine.

The majority of those on food stamps and welfare right now will most likely not need it a year or two down the line. Trickle-down economics only trickles the money into the wealthy’s bank accounts, where it sits gathering interest.

To decrease the number of people on welfare, I hope you are doing your part and support legislation that strengthens unions, encourages businesses to pay their employees a living wage, cuts taxes for the working class and support affordable education. Wealth is built from the ground up by empowering the working class, not putting them at the mercy of the rich.

It frightens me that you think a person with four bankruptcies and a record of not paying his investors is a shrewd businessman. I also question your belief that a senator, secretary of state, and first lady has never managed people or wrote a check. I’m not going to ask you to support Hillary. I only ask that you help keep Donald Trump where he belongs, out of the White House and in his gaudy hotels.

Camille Vogt


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