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Letter: Rachesky’s spin

Stan Rachesky really is a Trump supporter. He even uses “fake” news as a statement of fact without apparently checking his facts.

Fact: Hillary Clinton won 487 counties nationwide, not 57 as Stan’s news sources such as Breitbart state. The 57 county story is a myth making the rounds on pro-Trump websites because apparently they still need to justify his win.

That Stan would denigrate “fake” news is used by liberals, then turn around and repeat blatantly fake news is just so Trumpian. Check your facts, Stan.

Stan, you also insist that all credit for job growth, the economy and the stock market are to the sole credit of Trump’s leadership, when in fact a glance at any graph will show you that growth in all sectors started well into Obama’s administration. Growth in these areas is also a reflection on the Obama administration’s efforts to pull us out of the 2008 financial meltdown. Your beloved Trump is actively dismantling the very safeguards put in place by Congress and Obama to prevent a repeat of 2008.

Corporate profits and job growth were at all-time highs as Trump entered office, making one wonder why we needed such extreme Trump-driven deregulation or tax cuts that are driving a record national debt and creating dirtier air and water.

I would point out that Trump and his supporters need to let Hillary go. The vast majority of us that are not Trump supporters (which is a majority of the nation) are not upset that Hillary lost. Stop using Hillary as a cause for our criticism of Trump. Ditto for the word “liberal.” Many conservatives were “never Trump.”

Those of us that are critics of Trump are troubled by the fact that a lying, narcissistic buffoon with all the characteristics of a deranged cult leader won the presidency and continues to exceed our expectations regarding poor behavior. Hitler was also a populist that used nationalistic propaganda and racial denigration to ride into power.

Oh, and Stan, pre-President Trump was of the firm opinion that the Electoral College should be abolished; in this I agree with the man.

Marco Diaz


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