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Letter: Ramirez has worked to make school district the best it can be

As a classroom volunteer at a local elementary school, I am so excited about Jasmin Ramirez running for RFSD School Board. In a school where well over half of the students are Latino, wouldn’t it be wonderful for these little ones to see some teachers who look like them? To know that someday they, too, could be a teacher? Ms. Ramirez thinks so. She is a parent and has been a member of her school’s PTA for several years, working for equity within our schools. As an avid learner, she has been educating herself on how school boards function so that she can be a high quality school board member.

I met Ms. Ramirez seven years ago when she came in to offer her help in the 2012 presidential race. I found her to be wise beyond her years (she had recently graduated college) and I enjoyed getting to know her. She came in with considerable experience in government at her college, was politically astute, and enthusiastically volunteered with us. Her poise, compassion, and character shone when talking to others while making phone calls for candidates. In the ensuing years she has continued to use her voice and enthusiasm in working for RFSD to be the best it can be for our children. She will be a great addition to our school board.

Colleen Kennedy Rutledge,
Glenwood Springs

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