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Letter: Ramirez is an excellent representative of Latino families

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As an organized group of engaged community members, Vision Latina is very excited that Jasmin Ramirez is running for RFSD Re-1 School Board. We are a group of local Latina women, mothers, and grandmothers, strong participants in our school district, former students of the RFSD and families, some of which have members with special needs. We are women that love this valley and our community, more importantly, we want to see all our community thrive.

Jasmin is an excellent representative of Latino families as well as families with special needs. This is significantly important in the RSFD since more than half of the District’s students and families are Latino. Jasmin has a strong history of involvement in schools, as well as leadership roles and building community both in educational and civic endeavors. She is a terrific candidate.

As Latina mothers, we are constantly questioned why the Latinx community doesn’t engage more with our schools? Why is it so hard to build a stronger and diverse community in our school district and beyond? We strongly believe to accomplish true unity and integrity we need to have representation through the school system, from staff and teachers to principals and the school board.

We invite you to join Jasmin Ramirez in her effort to bring equity within our schools and community. We will all benefit from her energy, integrity, vision and experience. There is still much to be done, let’s be an integral part to make our ever-changing school district better. I hope you will join us in electing Jasmin Ramirez.

Beatriz Soto for Vision Latina
Founding Member
Glenwood Springs

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