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Letter: Ranching didn’t invent open space

Marj Perry, it is lovely how your own myopic needs to secure your ranch from the onslaught of real estate development, and possibly housing some of those 5.5 million Coloradans, translates into the claim that ranching invented open space. It may work for industry advertising during the Bronco game but has a poor track record behind it.

You seem to overlook that it all was open space before ranching came to these arid lands, ill-suited for sustaining such industry — the reason why ranchers are forced to summer their stock in the alpine regions of this high desert. Before the Ute moved through freely as wolf packs, taking what little they required to keep nature in balance. Blessing the beast and the creator for the honor.

The only reason ranching exists, here, where it is difficult to sustain, needing vast spaces that infringe on the viability of other species, is that the railroad needed industry to make its track through the hinterland viable, via creating some form of commodity to return to the east. Thus, the presence of farms and ranches where they really do make little sense.

Then the army came to secure the land from those savage environmentalist Indians (who knew that God created predators and not property line and barbwire fences) so as to continue such willfully impractical vocation. As did Cain before you. Because the armies, here to murder their red brother, stomach was fueled by beef.

Few understand original sin is not of the Garden but (like the splitting of the waters) act in Eden sets the linage as duality. Therefore, original sin is of Cain not making right his offering that wasn’t in balance with the continuation of God’s Creation, and instead was grain stock (like their neighbors) that could be hoarded as a form of wealth, and whose futures laid waste to God’s intentions. Unlike Abel’s small herds, whose grazing and huff action did help the native flora and fauna flourish.

The facts from the Yellowstone reintroduction into the wild, west of Nod, proves God’s plan works and man’s remains wanting.

Eric Olander

Glenwood Springs

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