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Letter: Rat out a rat

Heroin overdoses, crackheads vandalizing and stealing, and meth addicts caught with needles are all becoming too commonplace in our valley communities. What to do? What to do?

First, you have to know who is supplying the dope. Law enforcement will tell you the sources are south-of-the-border drug cartels. Cartel representatives keep a low profile, but make no mistake they do a thriving business here.

This is a growing cancer in our social body and the human vultures selling misery by the gram must be excised. How do we do this? Well, these pieces of human filth, these wolves preying on human frailty, live in our neighborhoods. Neighbors know. I’d like to see more cooperation between neighborhoods and the police.

We’ve been assured everyone living here is safe and living in virtual sanctuary. It’d sure be nice to have some of that trust between the cops and certain ethnic neighborhoods we hear so much about produce some information that would remove these death merchants from our midst.

Used to be antidotes for overdoses were needed in places like Watts or Harlem. Of course in Glenwood Springs we have enough bums flying beggar flags to make our tourists think they’re in a bad part of a big city. Too many bums, too many drug addicts and too many drug cartel reps dealing death. Pay attention folks, our reputation is being tarnished and our quality of life diminished.

The cancer will only grow unless we do something. So help out sheriff Lou and rat out a rat today.

Bruno Kirchenwitz

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