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Letter: Re-elect Jean Alberico

County Clerk and Recorder Jean Alberico is one of the most experienced, thoughtful and independent public officials in Colorado. And she is scrupulously fair to all parties. I would know this because I am an election watcher who regularly visits the Garfield County Courthouse to watch firsthand the processes involved in counting your votes. I also have watched, with credentials, in over 30 other counties.

It is of great benefit to Garfield County that Jean is fully familiar of the vast complexity of a Colorado’s modernized election — one that has added all the bells and whistles other states would love to have. Jean has been wisely cautious with Colorado’s rapid modernization, too, and she deserves special commendation for patience and perspective.

Garfield County is lucky to have Jean Alberico as Clerk and Recorder and would be wise to re-elect her.

Harvie Branscomb


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