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Letter: Re: the homeless crisis

I am currently investigating the homeless crisis in the Roaring Fork Valley, as a letter to the editor on March 25, 2018, encouraged me to become homeless to gain a better understanding of their needs.

A lot of preachers and ministers encourage the same kind of behavior (Matt 19:21). It turns out that if I just give my Social Security number to Catholic Charities, they receive more money per month than I do as an 80 percent disabled veteran Gulf War veteran ($1,100) to give me food poisoning on a recurring basis. Ask anyone that eats there on a regular basis. There is a state program to prevent this; it is a classroom course that walks people through the basics of safe food preparation and handling, many states have it, but it would cut into profits.

The quality of life of we homeless is dependent on the attitudes and actions of the home more. Better cities than we (Portland) gift tiny houses to the indigent and disabled.

Please understand that the current crisis is preventable if the monies set aside specifically for a problem that has existed for decades were spent effectively, and religious zealots put their efforts into solving the problem rather than seeking to profit from the disabled.

Paul Wilm

Glenwood Springs

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